3 Reasons to Have a Lumix FZ-80 for Wildlife Photography

September 11, 2019

I have been doing wildlife photography for several years now, and I have accumulated many different camera bodies and lenses in the meantime. However, if I'm going on a long walk somewhere to get some photo or video footage, I find myself depending more and more on a single camera that I had originally purchased strictly for it's long range capabilities.

That camera, as you might have guessed if you have read the title of this blog, is the Panasonic Lumix FZ-80. This camera is easily found on the Panasonic website for $399, and is often on sale for $297 on Amazon and other outlets, including refurbished ones. I have both a refurbished one and a factory first that I bought on sale. They both work exactly the same and I've shot lots of footage with both of them.

The FZ-80 is not my favorite camera; however, that being said, it is the most adept camera I have and if I could only have one camera, it is the one that I would pick. Here are three reasons why:

1. The effective range. Though the Lumix FZ-80 is considered a bridge camera, that is, one that bridges the gap between consumer and professional. It is phenomenal in it's ability to zoom long distances. This camera is capable of shooting a whopping 9000mm. That is far enough to read the small letters on a football from goalpost to goalpost.

2. It shoots 4K video. Imagine having the ability to shoot a full frame video on a budget of $400. This camera will shoot beyond 1080p which is still the industry standard, and it has adjustable frame rates that will allow for decent slow motion on one hand, ad crisp cinematic exposure on the other.

3. It offers 4K photography. This camera has a feature where you can capture several seconds of 4K video, and then it will give you the option of running through the video, frame by frame, and saving any frame as a still photograph.

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