3 ways to use a surplus Army tent for profit and adventure

July 7, 2017

As a matter of pure convenience, you really can't beat the dependability, quality, ruggedness, and ease of use of a military surplus tent. These things are designed to win wars and protect soldiers from the elements and from nefarious enemy activity. It should not be a surprise to you then that these things have a great benefit to the civilian market as well. Actually there are lots of things you can do with a military surplus tent beyond the normal sasquatch hunting excursion or the annual morel mushroom harvest. Many of these activities are highly profitable as well. Here are just three ways that you can put a  military surplus tent to work for you.

1. Carnival Tent

When you attend fairs and festivals this summer, you will see countless hawkers plying their wares from everything they can get their hands on; old motorhomes, campers, baker's tents, open air tents, etc... However, did you ever consider the fact that you could use military surplus tents to fit the needs of a carnival or fair exhibition?

2. Glamping site

The most current craze is the use of military surplus tents for glamping. Glamping is the the practice of "glamorous camping". Glamping sites can be set up with such conveniences as sofa's, luxurious beds,  refrigerators, televisions, etc... These sites are even becoming popular as temporary hotels and motels in highly  populated areas and during special events. 

3. Tent Rental

Lastly, consider the fact that for eithre of the above endeavors, it would save overhead and management costs to not have to buy the tents for the carnival booth or the glamping grounds, but it might be more profitable to rent them. Consider then, the concept of opening a business whereas you purchased military surplus tents to rent out for others to use for a short period.

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