5 ways to use your military surplus tent to establish a farmstead

January 11, 2019

If you are like most survivalists, then by now you are looking to get to a place where the masses will not be so prolific. However, there is both good news and bad news. The bad news is that even in Alaska, the old homesteading tradition of free land is pretty much dead, but... the good news is that there is a close alternative.

Basically, with it's commercialization, farming has become a thing of the past. The large, industrial agriculturalists are the ones who can meet the supply of the demand, while the little guy is finding it necessary to subsist in local communities in the form of supplying farmer's markets and local stores. So, the 160 acre, traditional, farmsteads aren't really feasible anymore. All of those old farms are getting split up and developed and therein lies the good news, because often you can pick up the old farm houses and an accompanying few acres fairly inexpensively. Having grown up on a family farmstead myself, I know the value of having extra space that can be erected and taken down discriminately. Here are five ways that a military surplus tent can make the transition much easier.

1. It offers temporary residence. Most people will have to rent a house during renovations, or buy a mobile home or trailer to keep the family out of the elements while they are getting the old farmhouse ready for human habitation.

2. It offers shelter for livestock. After the initial residence has been established, a military surplus tent offers a great alternative to a shed or a barn for animals; therefore there is no need to wait to purchase livestock until finances can be obtained to build a permanent structure. The quicker you get the operation going, the sooner it becomes lucrative.

3. It offers emergency shelter There are many reasons to have an emergency shelter alternative whenever living in the country, especially when talking about a shelter that can be heated somewhat by body heat.

4. It is mobile The fact that you can transport a tent to "the back 40" is wonderful for having a cow or horse who is sick and can't be moved, or for having hay in the field that you can't get in before a hard rain.

5. It affords safe hospitality One thing you will find if you live off of the grid is that occasionally travelers will find themselves in need of shelter from bad luck and road hazards. A military surplus tent will give the opportunity to offer hospitality but to not open your house to strangers.

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