U.S. Military Tent product review: 3 reasons to use glow in the dark tent strings

July 11, 2017

There is a great product out there for a military tent adventurer, glo rope®, glow in the dark nylon cord. This would not only be a perfect replacement for your military tent anchor cordage, but would also make an excellent survival bracelet in the event that you needed to use your cordage in the dark or at night. Reportedly, this stuff glows for 8 – 9 hours after it gets a full charge of sunlight, and it could be a lifesaver in a survival situation. Think of the possibilities when it comes to setting snares. Now you can check your snares after dark as the khaki color of the cordage, when it isn’t in the dark, should blend in well with twigs and dried grasses of a matching color. 

This is from the manufacturer’s website:

"Our proprietary glow pigment is added in at extreme precision when the nylon or polypropylene is still in its liquid state, and before its extrusion into fiber. This means that Glo Rope will have its glowing properties for as long as it is fiber. Our cordage can glow for up to 8-10 hours after a suitable charge from any sufficient light source. This is a state of the art technically engineered rope, that has a myriad of applications.  It is not a ” dipped” product, and thus will not gum up under friction nor compromise the equipment and the safety of the personnel utilizing Glo Rope. Not only does it glow but we’ve taken the extra step to include the options of including two 3M Highly Reflective Filaments that are woven into the glowing jacket of all our ropes so that even if the rope is not sufficiently charged with a light source to glow to its full brightness, it can at least highly reflect any ambient light; and thus, clearly be seen at night."

This stuff is great for:

1. Illuminating your tent lines and corners.

2. Reducing accidents by creating visual lines around your campsite

3. Marking your paths to boats, bathrooms, worksites, traplines, etc...   (https://www.glorope.com/product/glow-nylon-rope/)

This new cordage is a must for the military tent adventurer, even the kids will have a blast playing with the luminescent glow of the cord at night, a great alternative to the glowing plastic bracelets and necklaces which are so popular at fairs and amusement parks, but which have no real value or alternate usage capabilities.

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