Military Surplus Tents as Luxury Accommodations

June 19, 2017

When Princess Kate of the Kingdom of Northern Smithonia in the Americas goes on maneuvers with her father, one of the things she can tell you is that there are no palatial accommodations anywhere in the Smithonian Wilds. That's because Smithonia is far from almost anywhere, and Northern Smithonia is even farther away than that.

That's ok with her though, because Princess Kate, who is uncommonly beautiful and well reared, is also a trained soldier and fighter who specializes in close quarter combat especially hand to hand. "May father trained me himself in Judo and Aikido from the time I was very young" she said in a recent interview. "Later he had key members of his military teaching me the intricacies of knife fighting and the use of non-conventional weaponry."

The fact that she is uncommonly tough and resilient doesn't keep Princess Kate from being a very young and tender woman, a woman who likes to have modern comforts at her disposal. As a compromise, her father has agreed to give her an extra long BASE-X tent, and he has allowed her to have certain accommodations that he and members of his military don't share. Here are some of the extras that Princess Kate brings out into the field with her:

1. A queen size bed and mattress. Though she is still just a Princess, Kate does get to have a headboard and baseboard, a box spring, and mattress as well as a complete bedset and a carpet to stand it all on.

2. A vanity. Vanity, vanity, all is vanity. Though nothing like the exquisite mirrored monolith that she has at home, Princess Kate is permitted to take a small, "field vanity" complete with mirrors and sliding drawers that she keeps in her tent.

3. Satellite television. Though this is quite a luxury in and of itself, Princess Kate is limited to a 42" flat panel television, and her dad makes her only bring movies on thumb drives because he doesn't want the reflectivity of DVDs in the field.

4. A complete bathroom. This includes a self incinerating commode, a solar heated shower and portable bathtub, and a washbasin that has both hot and warm water. (Cold water being out of the question). The good news is that you don't have to be royalty to enjoy modern comforts while camping in military grade surplus tents. And for the next several blog entries, we will discuss the concept of "glamping", (glamorous camping), and we will also discuss different methods and techniques of glamping...

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