Extreme Climate Camping: 3 reasons to have a tent in the desert

July 6, 2017

If you are going to find yourself camping in desert extremes this season, here are 3 reasons to pitch a tent to make the endeavor more enjoyable and less risky. 

1.     You’ll want shelter, both from the searing sun of the day and the frigid chill that is inherent to the desert at night. Of course there is no better choice in camping gear than military surplus equipment, because this gear was designed with the climate in mind. Military surplus tents can be found to accommodate extreme cold weather, desert heat, and anything in-between.

2.     Protection. Not only from the elements but from the other mammals and reptiles with which you share your world. Many of these other entities will want the resources that you have and it will be up to you in a survival, or even a primitive, situation to keep them from getting them.

3.     A point of reference. The worst thing that can happen to you in the wilderness is that you get hurt, disoriented, or lost. If this should happen to you, then it is of the essence that you be found quickly and the easiest way for a search and rescue team to find you is to have a point of reference to begin from. A base camp with an established tent will be a perfect place to begin. You should log your GPS coordinates and text/email them to a loved one as soon as you get to your destination.

Consider these other desert camping needs as well: • Water! You’ll need at least a gallon a day if inactive; double this if spelunking, rock climbing etc… • Plan activities in the early morning or late afternoon. The desert is hot from around eleven A.M. until about four P.M. (unbearably so), and it is chilled from dusk until dark. • Carry a map and compass as well as a GPS device, learn how to use both in case of technology failure. • Sun protection! Make sure there is something to put between your skin and the sun. Lip gloss, sunscreen, a wide floppy hat etc… • Have your vehicle checked before departure. This means your car, ATV, dirt bike, horse, whatever.

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