Getting Back to the Basics: 3 Things You Must do to Get Prepared For What's Next

July 6, 2021

I Recently took a trip to Amish country simply to get a grasp on the ideology and lifestyle of these quiet and unassuming people. It was to Lynn, Indiana that I went, and I stopped at Fountain Acre Foods, a delightful little Amish run country store and deli that was teeming with activity. While I was in the parking lot getting my lenses set to my camera body, I saw an Amish lady come out of the store with three children in tow. Each of these children had one of the biggest ice cream cones, in their hands, that I have ever seen.

What struck me specifically by these hardworking, fun loving, people was the fact that they live their lives simply for the purpose of living their lives. Everything for them is simplified, and if the energy grid were to suddenly fail tomorrow, their lives would be predominately unaffected.

There are lessons that we can learn from these people, beyond any spiritual feelings and beliefs that they might have. The fact of the matter is that in terms of surviving an apocalypse, the Amish are advanced beyond modern society, and here are three reasons why; reasons that you must adhere to if you want to survive a massive energy depletion.

1. Understand the mechanics. One of the great advantages to not being dependent on electronics is the fact that mechanical knowledge comes in handy when dealing with the apparatus the Amish generally use to get their work done. Everything they use is either gear driven, or are self contained, simple combustible engines.

2. Simple needs. These people work hard and don't need to have all of the bustle and pomp that most of society adheres to. News is gathered from word of mouth or from the local newspaper. There is no reason for them to have their faces focused on an illuminated phone screen. Entertainment comes in the form of family focused meals, community gatherings, and local events.

3. Keep it moving. The Amish are a hardy people. They live long, clean lives and the reason for that is wholesome food, hard work, and clean living. They are strong and independent. These are excellent qualities to have and will definitely be beneficial in the coming hard times.

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