Homesteading: 3 different ways to use a military surplus army tent

September 13, 2018

If you haven't been paying attention to the goings on in the world today, then perhaps you aren't in the least bit worried about the future. If that's the case then good for you, because there need to be some initial victims in the coming apocalypse so that the rest of can resupply.

However, if being a resupply depot doesn't appeal to you, (which by the very fact that you're reading this I can imagine that it doesn't), then you need to give some serious thought to preparing right now for the coming fiasco. One of the popular methods of doing so is the practice of moving out of the city and into the country. In other words: "Homesteading"
Now, true homesteading is not really possible in this day and time because all of the free land has either been settled or claimed by the government. What you can do though is buy a few acres in the country and live on a mini-farm that should be plenty big enough to supply all of your needs.
The good news is that you can use military surplus tents as excellent out-buildings for a cheap alternative to building expensive barns. A plus to this practice is the fact that these out buildings are mobile and you won't be stiuck abandoning them if your geographical areas have to change.

1.Livestock pens. Chicken coops, furrowing houses, stables, etc... Military surplus tents can work for all of these needs. They provide great warmth, shelter, and protection from predators if sealed up properly.

2.Tractor shed. If you are homesteading, you will need a place to store equipment out of the sunlight and weather. Nothing beats paint and plastic down like the elements, and a tent is just the ticket to protect your investments.

3. Work sheds. Dark Eyed Juncos, (snowbirds), will build their nests on the ground underneath overhangs, and will line their nests with deer hair or feathers from other birds. Where and how they find this hair and these feathers is unknown to me, but I've seen it quite often, I've even found them lined with horsehair but it's most commonly deer.

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