How to make camp coffee without a fire. (Or even coffee)

November 24, 2017

I have spent many a foray into the wilderness drinking branch water and eating crayfish; however, in my old age I have come to the point where I enjoy certain creature comforts that I don’t like to do without. One of these comforts is a steaming hot cup of coffee in the morning especially.

These days I usually stop at the local barista station and get four ristretto shots, some steamed heavy cream and a couple of Splenda. The problem is that there isn’t anything even remotely similar in the bush; however, there is a way that you can at least have a hot cup of something that resembles coffee, but you have to prepare a little bit. The kit I use to prepare chicory coffee is this:

1. A Coleman style lantern. It doesn’t have to be a Coleman, though it seems these are the best suited to the work. You will of course need lantern fuel, but I never said this was a perfect plan, it’s just good for when a fire isn’t practical.

2. Two coffee cans. The small size is the best, because you want one to be able to fit snugly over the top of the lantern. The other one is going to serve as your cooking pot/mug. I keep the two cans in a sock, along with and chicory root I find anywhere. You’ll want to roast your roots on the top of one of your cans if you haven’t already. Roast it until it is the consistency of coffee beans and then you can grind it up and boil it in your other can. You’ll have to strain it like a French press preparation; however, on a cold morning out in the woods, this is as fine a substitute for ristretto, heavy cream, and Splenda as one can get.

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