In the Weeds: The Tent Best Suited for Being on the Run Just Might Be a Debris Hut

September 16, 2020

Last time we discussed the nomad lifestyle, and the usage of military surplus tents and equipment in the achievement of such a goal. In this installment I want to discuss a variant of this practice: being in the weeds.

Being in the weeds is a colloquial expression that carries many different meanings depending on where your at. According to , this is the meaning: "In the weeds is an idiom with two distinct definitions. One definition of in the weeds is to be overwhelmed with work and unable to keep up with the necessary pace. For instance, a waitress who is behind in taking orders from her patrons and bringing food out to her guests is considered to be in the weeds. In this case, in the weeds refers to a rush in a work situation, usually in retail or the hospitality industry. The second definition of in the weeds is to wander into esoteric and unimportant details when one is researching a subject or writing a report. In this case, in the weeds describes being focused on the wrong things. The origin of the idiom in the weeds is unknown. Some believe that it originated during the American Prohibition era, when bootleggers and moonshiners hid their liquor in fields. Others believe it is an aviation term, referring to missing a runway when landing and ending up in the weeds." If you are dealing with Gordon Ramsey, being in the weeds means that you have lost focus. If you are a survivalist, Being in the Weeds means that you are on the run... and someone is after you.

The question we're dealing with now is the best shelter to have in the event you're in the weeds as a survivalist. The United States Marines stay pretty much in the weeds worldwide when deployed. As a result, they have developed an excellent single man tent that provides adequate shelter in nearly all environments. However, the United States Marines are pretty badass, and as a rule don't run too hard when being pursued. You might not necessarily want to get caught. So the question you need to ask is whether the extra weight of the single man tent is detrimental to your ability to move quickly. What it really comes down to is logistics. Are you in an environment where it is even possible to reach a safe zone, or are you stuck in enemy territory with no hope of getting out? If that's the case, you'll want to be travelling light and not leaving any evidence of your location. You might be better off taking the time to build a debris hut or use some other natural shelter that can easily be abandoned quickly.

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