MIlitary surplus tents for covid response

February 4, 2021

If you have been paying attention to this re-opening of the economy then you have seen that this Covid mess is still a real thing to be dealt with. One of the big things that has been happening nationwide, as institutions attempt to reopen and accept customers again, is the widespread canvasing that has been going on. Basically, all large institutions such as universities, military instillations, and other large scale population operations do not want you to be wandering around spreading this virus. The problem is that if you; or they, rather, allow this canvasing to go on within their institutions, the spread of the virus is imminent due to the fact that the physical building will become contaminated in nearly unmitigable manners.

The answer for many of these institutions is the use of military surplus tents that are being set up in large parking lots where the population can be screened without the risk of cross contamination.

Basically the tents are set up as a work station for the medical staff who are conducting the screening. In many venues, Ohio for instance, these tents are being used in conjunction with kerosene heaters so that the medical professionals can have heat along with shelter. People being screened will then drive up in their vehicles, be tested after opening their car window, and then move on. Cross contamination is nearly completely nullified.

This same routine will likely be utilized in the transference of the vaccination to the population as well.

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