Memorial Day Weekend 2018, some points to ponder

May 25, 2018

If you are using a military surplus tent or other equipment this holiday weekend, consider the fact that it is most likely that at some time or another, a US serviceman, (or woman), is likely to have occupied that same space, albeit under far different circumstances.

Although it's entirely possible to buy "new" surplus, I have always tried, throughout my surplus buying career, to purchase military surplus that has been issued before and which had preferably been used in combat.

Though it wasn't common to find a canteen with a bullet-hole in it when perusing through Wild Bill's Surplus Emporium as a boy, it was cherished, and the finding of such a treasure would often result in shoving matches that progressed to fistfights behind the store over who would get to purchase those treasures. (Somehow bullet-hole riddled items became more plentiful after Wild Bill discovered that we kids would pay double for them, but I digress).

In any event, I challenge you this holiday weekend to ponder the depth and breadth of the commitment that American soldiers endeavored to in fulfilling their duties and occupying such structures as you are camping in right now.

Ponder the fact that these brave men and women risked life and limb, leaving home and family and traveling to foreign, hostile shores in order to preserve the freedom and integrity of this valiant nation. Ponder these things, thank a vet when you see them, and say a prayer for those we will never see again.

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