Memorial Day Weekend Cookout! 3 Reasons you should cook your meal on skewers

May 26, 2018

I love to cook out, and there is no better time to cook out than while you are on a military surplus tent adventure this Memorial Day Weekend.

If you are on such an excursion, you're probably getting pretty tired of hotdogs and hamburgers cooked on aluminum foil over a community charcoal grill at the local state or community park campground.

Not to worry though, there are better ways to cook your food out of doors than to use the community grill on aluminum foil because it's so crusty. My favorite is to put different bits of whatnot on skewers and make kebabs for the family. Here are three reasons you should skewer your food this Memorial Day Weekend.

1. Skewers offer variety. Not only do these things cook quickly and efficiently, but they offer you the opportunity to change up your meal a bit and have more than one thing at a time.

2. Skewers are customizable. Don't like broccoli? No problem, because not only are skewers diverse, they offer the opportunity for individuality in the fact that each member of the party can construct their meal in any way they desire.

3. Skewers don't require forks, (or plates for that matter). What better way to prepare a meal while camping, than to prepare one that can be easily eaten with just one hand?

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