Military Surplus Repurposing: Using Military Surplus to Plan your Wedding

May 23, 2018

I have recently delved into the wedding scene as a photographer. Before I actually booked and shot a wedding though, I listened to many fellow photographers crying the blues about it, and several tried to talk me out of doing it.

"You'll hate it!" they said, "You can never make the bride happy", "there are sooo many problems", etc... etc... etc... The truth is that I really enjoyed the energy and the atmosphere and I discovered that it's really not hard to make beautiful photographs in an environment that has been designed to be beautiful in and of itself.

While snapping my shots of brides and bridesmaids, and grooms and groomsmen, I contemplated what it would be like to use military surplus as a decoration, or even as a utilitarian item for your wedding. Here are some ideas came up with

1. Use camouflage netting for romantic bokah. The theme is romance, and there is nothing more romantic than bokah and candlelight. The shimmering bokah cast by the movement of camo netting in front of candlelight would likely create an atmosphere of dynamic proportions.

2. Use silk parachutes for shimmering illumination. In the same way that netting will create a bokah effect, silk parachutes would create a shimmering effect of light on the environment.

3. Use military surplus tents. While it is always nice to have an open air reception you should have a plan B for the event that weather turns foul. A great alternative would be to have some rented military surplus tents set up somewhere.

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