Military Surplus Tent Adventure: 3 reasons you must attend Coachella next year

If you missed Coachella this year, then you don't want to mess around with preparing to catch it next year, because NOW is the time to purchase tickets and packages for the upcoming event.

June 1, 2018

If you made it to Coachella this year, then the chances are that you are just now starting to recuperate. The fact of the matter is that there is no better place to practice a Military Surplus Tent Adventure than at this annual event.

The spirit of Coachella is upon me, I yearn for a bit of everything from large scale art installations, to the infamous danceathon Sahara Tent, all part of the Coachella experience. What better place to use your military surplus tents and camping gear? Gather a supply of military MRE’s, because camping offers the full experience of Coachella; the unity, the atmosphere, the love of one’s food shared with others… the laughter. Your tent pitched next to mine, ours pitched next to a thousand others as we converge en masse to celebrate our love of music and creativity. We come with a distinct vibe that is uniquely Southern California: Hollywood celebs, tattooed hipsters, bikers, DayGlo teens, adventurers and beach bums all soak up the desert sun as we submit our souls to our genre. There are local hotels for those who need a break from the rigors of camping, and they offer swimming pools, amenities, and restaurants. The rest of us though, we campers, are well taken care of too as the folks who host Coachella offer a wide array of services to include wi-fi, food and necessary item booths, and free drinking water for refillable dispensers. Stay hydrated as you sweat it out on the dance floor. See you there.

The full story can be read in the newspaper, HERE!

And you can buy your tickets and plan your event, HERE!

Here are three reasons to attend Coachella next year!

1. It's cutting edge. Here you will see the latest in technology put into effect. It was at Coachella that Tupac came back from beyond to perform one more time for adoring fans.

2. It's the perfect camping opportunity. See above!

3. It's the place to be. Everyone from Hollywood will be there.

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