Military Surplus Tent Adventures: 2 ways to use your tent for birdwatching

March 7, 2018

If you are an avid bird watcher or an up and coming photographer, here is a great technique for using your military surplus army tent for photography. Though the setups are fairly simple, the results can be astronomical.

We have already discussed, in this blog, using your military surplus tent for wildlife photography, and the first technique we will discuss will mirror that of the previous blog. Basically you will want to get your tent set up in an area that has lots of water and cover, preferably tall trees as well.

1. Shooting birds outside your tent In the event you want to set your tent up and shoot from inside of it, you would put a feeder full of seeds outside and at the perfect distance from your camera to accommodate the lens and the types of shots you want. Make sure you have plenty of branchy trees around your feeder to get a more natural look to your photos.

2. Shooting birds inside. Yep, you read that right, you can set up a gallery with your flashes to shoot really interesting photos of birds from outside your tent as well. It's the same principal as before, leave everything up long enough for the birds to get acclimated and then shoot them from the outside.

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