Military Surplus Tent Adventures: Boiling Bag Meals

December 5, 2018

If you are the going on a military surplus tent adventure soon, especially in the winter time, let me turn you on to a wonderful way of preparing your meals in such a way that mealtime is both easy and rewarding.

I only recommend this technique in the winter time because it makes life easier when you don't have to worry about trying to keep your food fresh, but this technique is wonderful and simple. Quite simply you will prepare your meals at home, before the trip, individually packaging each and every entree for each and every person. There are two ways that I do it.

1. Use bags. Heavy duty ziploc bags are best, because they are easily maneuvered once filled. They work well for breakfast omelettes, (simply break up a couple of eggs into the bag along with whatever fixins you might prefer), or you can make chicken and broccoli fo lunch, etc...

2. Use small canning jars. This is one of my favorites, because the portions are small and perfect for survival, high calorie foods. Even when camping I have found that it is important to not eat too much and these small, baby food jar, sized containers will fit the bill nicely. They also come in handy in the aftermath as they serve as small specien jars for projects performed while camping. Relic or gold hunting for instance.

The easiest thing about this style of cooking is the fact that you only need one pot to cook in because everything is boiled in it's own container, and you don't need to bring plates because everything gets eaten right out of it's own container.
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