Military Surplus Tent Adventures: Winter fun ideas

January 21, 2019

If you are in the American Midwest, then you are probably up to your bootstraps in snow about now. Many people hunker down in their cozy houses at this time and hope for spring to arrive quickly. The more adventurous, however, will amble out into the foray on a quest for adventure. It is to these people that I am writing today.

Don't lose this opportunity to get grandpas old military surplus Army tent out of the garage storage and pitch it in pursuit of winters fun. You don't have to be camping or in a survival situation to enjoy the benefits of a military surplus tent. As a matter of fact, just winter fun can benefit from the use of your tent, so dust it off and enjoy the snow! Here's how:

1. Make a hot chocolate station.There are fewer greater miseries than being cold. As a matter of fact I have had my most unfortunate experiences simply because my feet or fingers got frostbit. Therefore, use that military tent as a haven of warmth and hot chocolate. Set up a nice fire or kerosene heater and cook the warm brew right there for your winter fun-seekers to grab a respite from the cold.

2. Have a shelter to prevent snow blindness. Not being able to see is another form of misery that comes with playing in the snow. Your military surplus tent will offer your kids a great opportunity to get their eyes adjusted to shadows instead of the bright glare of sunny snow.

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