Military Surplus Tent Camping: 3 Aspects you Must Learn to Cache

If you’re a prepper, then you are prepared for whatever comes your way… or are you? Do you have a back-up plan for in the event that your bunker is compromised and all of those supplies that you spent all of that time hoarding is no longer available? The mountain men of yesteryear had the right idea, they created survival caches. Survival caching made sense under the threat of natural disaster, Indian attack, or just bad luck. Basically survival caching is the hiding of supplies in an area that you are likely to frequent, should the need ever arise.

I have caches stored in all of my hunting areas. Some of my camping spots I will only take a tent to as my campsite cache is already filled with the supplies I need to have a great weekend getaway. One thing about caching is that often you need to change those supplies out for fresh ones. Here are 3 aspects of caching you need to know.

• So you don’t have to pack so much. As I mentioned before, caching is a great way to not have to take so much with you by already having it there. A well-stocked cache should remain so, becoming replenished as you utilize it.

• Hide your cache well. A cache isn’t about security, it’s about secrecy. Anyone who finds your cache will likely wipe it out based solely on the principle of finder’s keepers. Nothing will chap your hinderparts quicker than coming to your site and finding your cache disturbed… particularly if your supplies are just wasted and scattered around.

• Shut your mouth, and buy some containers. Caches get wet, dirty, and vermin infested. They also get stolen. Your best bet to keeping your caches safe is to not tell anyone about them, and bury them in vaults, like the “Mono Vaults” pictured. Check your six regularly when opening or making your caches. IF YOU SEE ANYONE while caching, scrap it and cache it later. If you saw them, just assume they saw you too.

You should have several caches out there with the necessities. You never know when you might need survival supplies. I try to keep at least three within walking distance of my home, and a couple more in areas I frequent and in my bug-out locations.

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