Military Surplus Tent Camping: 3 things to always keep in mind when you're camping

May 30, 2018

I I just read that there is a huge manhunt going on, in rural Tennessee, for a drug crazed methamphetamine user who recently assaulted a woman, stole a car, and murdered a sheriff deputy. It appears that he is in the weeds along a wilderness river area, and the first thing that came to my mind as I read this story is that I am really glad that I am not camping along that river with my family, because desperate people, fueled by a drug fog, are dangerous and unpredictable.

If you are on such an excursion, you should be cognizant of the fact that you and your assets, including your children and family, could be considered commodities to be used by others intent on your victimization.

Here then are three ways to protect yourself and family from usury while you're out camping.

1. Stay armed.This goes without saying, and the important thing to remember is the fact that action is quicker than reaction, and if you are the defender then you are at a disadvantage anyway.

2. Sleep lightly If you're not one of those people like me who can snooze lightly then you should consider setting some tripwire style alarms that can alert you when an intruder comes into your camp.

3. Take your dog camping. There is no better alarm clock than a Canine friend. If you have a dog, take him or her camping with you. He or she will tell you when strangers lurk about.

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