Military Surplus Tent Survival: Making Your Own Backpack

May 14, 2018

One of the best pieces of advice I was ever given by old Wildman, was to incorporate one piece of survival equipment into my camping trip at any given time. For instance, on some trips I would take food and no water, using survival skills to gather water for the trip, and sometimes vice-versa.

In this blog, I want to challenge you to "forget" to take along a much needed piece of equipment in order to be forced to supplement it with what you can find in the wilderness.

In this instance, I want you to forget your backpack. Instead you create your very own Pack Basket, the earliest form of the backpack, used by both Native Americans and Mountain Men alike.

These packbaskets are readily made from materials that are easily found in the wilderness, cattails for instance, make great basket building materials and the concept is very easy to learn. So when you go on your next military surplus tent adventure... forget that packpack.

Pack Basket Tutorial

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