Military Surplus Tent Transportation: 3 reasons to invest in a good mountain bike

January 15, 2019

When I was a boy of tender sensibilities and limited resources, it was common for my friends and I to engage in two pastimes on a regular basis; camping and bike riding. The best times were the ones where we did both together.

Don't get me wrong, I also enjoyed our forced marches out into the wilderness, and there were many places we could go along the rural countryside on "shank's mare", that we couldn't go on our Huffys, (mountain bikes not having been invented yet). But the truth is that when it was time to cross Old Man McQuiston's cow pasture it was nice to be able to do so a la bicycle, especially when he had "Roy", the bull, out. Now I am older and in possession of more resources, I have a mountain bike. This thing is great! There are very few places it won't go, (literally nowhere if I'm willing to get off it on occasion and traverse specific obstacles, creeks for instance). Here are three reasons that a mountain bike is a good investment for camping:

1. It offers deeper penetration. I speak of course regarding penetration into the wilderness for a more intensive camping trip. Even if you are camping closer to the grid than away from it, the advent of a mountain bicycle gives you the option of seeking game and adventure further from the confines of your military surplus tent than simple walking will.

2. It is easy to take along and doesn't need to be fed. Unlike a horse or a pack animal, a mountain bike is easily transported to and from the campsite along with your other gear, and most can even be strapped on you like a backpack to be carried for short distances .

3. It will serve as a pack animal The best part of using a bike is the fact that you can move most of your gear off of your back and onto the bike. This might take some finagling, but with a little thought and practice you can have twice as much with you .

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