Military surplus tent adventures: a must have easily made latrine

February 27, 2019

The time for deer camp is over for the season, and it is now time to set your sights on family camping concerns. If you are at all like me then you probably have found that the wife and kids are much more needy than you are; because most of us survivalist types are perfectly content to rough it in the outdoors.

In this installment I want to talk to you about setting up the most basic of needs for your camp, but I want to show you a way to do so in the easiest of means.
If you look at the posted graphic, you will see a manufacture of my own design. There are others that are similar out there, but I find them to be nescient for various reasons, not the least of which is the fact that most of them offer only one tier for logistic reasons.
The single tier build will be fine for someone who is fully in control of their faculties; however, if you are dealing with children, outdoorsmen prone to insobriety, or people who don't wake up until their third or fourth cup of coffee, you might want to offer them the stability of a second, bracing, pole.

This design can be used in two ways, and depending on the design can even be used simultaneously by more than one camper. I prefer to use it "cowboy style", straddling both tiers, and keeping everything in the middle. However, it works just as well in traditional manner.

The other big problem with the single pole model will find that the point of balance is so shallow that it's susceptible to accidental contamination, which results in it's mostly becoming rendered useless, because you just can't get rustic wooden logs clean after they've been made a mess.

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