Military tent photography: 3 uses for military equipment to make your photography trips more rewarding

October 24, 2017

I recently took my second oldest daughter out for the weekend to a remote campground in a state park to enjoy some camping time but to also get some footage for an array of photography missions put on by FOAP™ and EYEM™.

We had a great date and it was good to get to spend some time with her. The best part of the trip is that we were out about $14 in gas and $7 to rent a camping spot to pitch our military surplus tent. We got some really good footage the day we arrived, and even some great shots the next day, after spending the night in the tent and using the campground facilities to get ready to catch the sunrise at the lake. We didn’t quite make the sunrise , but man, we came close!

This trip turned out to be profitable in two ways, because we got some great shots that I believe are going to sell, and we had a grand time together. Though I raised this kid, I still enjoy her company and quiet wit. Every time we get together it’s magical in some ways, and this makes me miss the days that she and I used to go deer hunting together.

In any event, you can use military surplus tents and equipment to up you photography game like I do if you are so disposed, and here are three ways how.

1. Turn a military surplus tent adventure into a photoshoot. That’s exactly what I did in this instance, I took a camping trip to a park near a local college and my daughter and I spent a couple of days snapping footage to fulfill photography missions. We had a good time.

2. Use military surplus equipment for photography gear. There is really no more rugged gear available than that which is utilized by the military to win wars with. Backpacks, gear bags, harnesses and slings can all be modified to accommodate your cameras and lenses.

3. Don’t discount military surplus outlets for great photography deals. Bear in mind that the military uses camera gear too. Make sure you look for deals on cameras, lenses, drones and other items that you want and need.

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