Military tent photography; other uses for your military surplus tent

December 12, 2017

I recently found another great use for Grandpa Howard's old World War Two era Army surplus tent. I have been getting more and more into shooting wildlife video for fun and profit; but since it has been more fun than profit for me so far, I am restricted to using older and off brand lenses with my nifty Canon 80D camera.

recently though it occurred to me that if I set my tent up in a strategic location and leave it here for a couple of days, I can actually shoot video from within and get some great footage, often times while still in my cot and blankets! (Just kidding)

The front of the tent is able to open wide enough that plenty of light can get in, all the while the tent acts as a huge deer blind, and it is mobile enough that if I need to move it elsewhere to get different footage, I can do so fairly easily. Most recently I have been turning vacations and military surplus tent adventures with the family into working excursions that result in my gaining footage for clients, writing blogs for other clients, and getting data for collegiate classes. All from the comfort of my very own tent.

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