Natures snitches: 1 bird you must pay attention to in the woods

May 12, 2018

If you have spent any time in the woods at all, at some point you have been scolded severely by a blue speck of nothingness that flickers through the woods wildly. That is a bluejay, and they are natures best snitches.

I have had many run-ins with bluejays over the years, most of which weren't necessarily to my advantage; however, eventually I learned several things. First, I learned to be more quiet in the woods and so became better enabled to elude these nosey, noisome creatures. But beyond that I learned that bluejays will tell me exactly where everyone else is in the woods.

Keep in mind that if you are sitting somewhere in the wilderness and you hear the piercing cry of a bluejay off in the distance, you are only hearing that because that bluejay has seen a predator and is wanting to let everyone else in the immediate vicinity knows exactly what shenanigans that guy is up to. They never give a warning cry for simple sheets and giggles, there is always something to it.

While bluejays aren't the only snitches in the woods, they are the most prolific. Here is an excellent example of not only the bluejay's warning cry, but also it's effect on others in the area.


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