SALE! BASE-X TENT 307 (18′ X 35′) Green Reconditioned

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NSN: 8340-01-533-1691 (Green)

NSN: 8340-01-533-1687 (Tan)

The Base-X tent 307 is 18’ x 35’ and also has eight entry and egress points. This Base-X tent can accommodate eight to 20 people. The Base-X 307 is ideal for brigade and regiment-size command and control, medical or communication and logistics operations. For civilian use, it can be the perfect garage space, storage, and event tent.

Specifications and Features:

  • Clear interior span of 18′ x 35’.
  • 8 entry and egress points.
  • Hang points every 5′ bear 100-pound weight-load each.
  • Integral liner with floor and HVAC plenum.
  • Houses 14 to 18 personnel.
  • Low weight, cube and personnel requirements.
  • Easy field maintenance.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Superior strength and durability.

Tent Purchasing Tips:

  • Use the number of campers to determine the minimum tent size needed.
  • Consider the equipment you will store in the tent, and take into account the vestibules and gear lofts for storage.
  • Take note of the peak center height measurement to determine if you can stand inside the tent.
  • Trail campers should select the smallest, lightweight tent, while campground campers should select based on comfort.


*All Military tents for sale on this website are carefully inspected and prepared to be 100% serviceable. The Army Tents condition varies and are priced according to their condition factor.

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