New GP Tent 4 Sided (16’ X 16')

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The GP Tent 4-sided (16' x 16') is made of OD green canvas, and it has 4 side walls that are each 6' high. The GP tent 4-sided has a center height  of 10.5’. This General Purpose tent includes the front and rear tie back openings, and two 3’7" covers for each door. There are is also  two 24 inch  square mesh windows with roll-up flap covers and ties on each side. The GP 4 has two-roof vent duct openings on top of the tent for ventilation which also features with pull down cords to close them off. The tent comes complete with a canvas roll for a mallet rope and tent stakes.The GP 4 tent comes with 5’5" frame poles with a center pole of its own.
Specifications and Features:
Peak Height 9’3"
Diameter 16' x 16'
Weight ( including poles) 175 lbs.
Floor Area 256 sq. ft
Eave Height 5’7"
Packaged size 8 cu. ft
Stove pipe vent 1
Doors 2
Tent Purchasing Tips:
  • Use number of campers to determine minimum size.
  • Consider the equipment you will store in the tent, and take into account the vestibules, and gear lofts for storage.
  • Take note of the peak center height measurement to determine if you can stand inside the tent.
  • Trail campers should select the smallest possible lightweight tent, while campground campers should select based on comfort, and buy a one or two person larger tent than needed.

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