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The Kitchen tent (12’ x 18’) is ideal for any outdoor food preparations including cooking and serving meals, in any remote or harsh weather environments. The fly proof design helps reduce the risk of food contamination from air-born pollutants. The Kitchen tent has a rear stack design that helps vent exhaust outside the cooking area while still maintaining a tactical blackout requirement. The base cloth is traditional OD cotton duck.


Specifications and Features:

  • Height at rear 12’
  • Height at front 9’
  • Sides at rear 9’
  • Sides at front 6’
  • Width 12’
  • Length 18’
  • Olive Drab cotton canvas walls and roof.
  • Has a long front dining room section.
  • Tent comes complete with stakes, side and internal solid wood poles, cross beams, screen mesh, and wrapping panel.
  • Canvas Only and Complete with Poles.

Tent Purchasing Tips:

  • Use the number of campers to determine the minimum size tent needed.
  • Consider the equipment you will store in the tent, and take into account the vestibules and gear lofts for storage.
  • Take note of the peak center height measurement to determine if you can stand inside the tent.
  • Trail campers should select the smallest lightweight tent, while campground campers should select based on comfort.

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