Raising a Beef: Using Military Surplus Tents for Animal Husbandry

August 31, 2020

I recently saw a book entitled Ducks: How to Make Them Pay, and with trembling fingers I read the volume only to soon be utterly disappointed. This publication, you see, was merely an informative volume on tips and techniques to raise waterfowl for profit, and it didn't mention a thing about exacting revenge on ducks for their sins against humanity. However, the reading of it did give me some guidance into the realm of raising livestock for personal gain and profit.

I'll not raise ducks of course, (or geese for that matter), there is no reason to endure such absurdity and silliness for the sole acquisition of a pair of dark breasts and a ruffle of feathers; beeves on the other hand are both quantitative and qualitative in their return on investment. Don't know what "Beeves" are? Well, I'll tell you: In certain venues Beeves are colloquial terms for bovines... cows if you will, but not cows for cows' sake. Beeves are cows who's sole function is to become beef.

We have discussed before, in these forums, the use of military surplus tents to raise livestock; however, we have always discussed the probability of raising the stock for the stocks' sake; or, in other words: to raise the animal simply to have the animal as a whole, how God made it.

What I am proposing in this article is the utilization of military surplus tents for the specific raising of Beeves to produce beef. And the way I would propose that you do that is by the utilization of an Army surplus tent as a shelter for the animal on the hoof, as well as a shelter for processing the Beeves into beef. Consider it to be a portable slaughterhouse. What's great about this concept is that the tent can be secured and kept cool enough, through various means, to process your meat over the period of several days. These tents are designed to accommodate various types of generators and geothermal devices, and they can readily be moved to water sources or other opportune locations, (the top of a cliff for the effective removal of offal for instance).

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