Repurposing: 2 entrepreneurs who have breathed new life into old surplus

November 7, 2017

This article is about two businesses that were started with the concept of re-purposing in mind. Though only one is actually related to the re-purposing of military surplus items, both have been started by true entrepreneurs

Sword and Plough

Two sisters, Emily and Betsy Nunez have gone to great lengths to create a sophisticated line of clothing apparel, and bags from repurposed military surplus tents under the business name of Sword and Plough. the two sisters grew up on different Army bases,following after their father who was a career military man.

The two designed their own articles after having studied their favorite lines of accessories and then decided to create their items out of re-purposed military surplus in order to leave a smaller carbon footprint on the earth. As a further plus, the sisters hire military veterans to work the fabric and make the accessories in their line.

Snazzy Threads

Stricken by polio as a child Gini Maddocks has gone on to become a renowned author and massage therapist, and has recently began pursuing an endeavor of entrepreneurship called Snazzy Threads. Snazzy Threads is a concept of repurposing taken a step farther. Gini travels the world picking up second hand clothing items and selling them at a private boutique in The U.S. Located in Oxford, Ohio, ( home to Miami University), Snazzy Threads Customers can find secondhand fashions from everywhere.

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