Reunion: Using military surplus tents to reunite family and friends.

May 10, 2018

It’s that time of year again, the winter snows are receding, and school will be letting out soon. It’s time to think again about what to do for a family vacation. Consider if you will the joy of reuniting with friends and family from far away. Tight budgets and special constraints can make a far distance reunion unbearable; however, with a small investment in some used military tents and Army surplus, you can be well on your way to rehashing old bonds without the worry of breaking the bank, being in discomfort, or imposing on friends or family.

A military surplus tent can be set up as a sleeping area, community area, dining area, or even a shower and restroom facility. These things were designed to be portable, tough, and accommodating. The cots that the military sell as surplus coupled with a really well made military surplus sleeping bag will have you sleeping bundled up, warm and secure, and in a grip as tender as a mother’s love.

No more will you have to excuse yourself from family gatherings, or be excluded from class reunions or old unit get togethers. With a genuine military issue tent and the respective equipment that goes with it, you, like the Army it served, can go anywhere.

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