Road Trip 2018: Chronicles of a Military Surplus Tent Adventure Day 3

Road Trip DISASTER 2018: How to survive a summer storm

June 18, 2018

We discovered, at Brown County, one of the hazards of summer military tent adventures; namely, that of the summer storm. Our tent for this quest is the lightweight and ultra portable USMC 2 man field tent. It easily fits into the back of the Subaru, and I can redily pitch it by myself, (since my traveling companion isn't really the "outdoorsie" type, this is quite convenient).

It rained the whole way down there, and by the time we pulled into town, the grey roiling skies solidified our belief that a wild Indiana storm is better weathered from the confines of a nice motel room instead of from the breezy interior of a military surplus tent regardless of it's durable nature and reputable design.

Unfortunately, we soon discovered two things. First, Brown County is still a much sought after vacation spot; therefore, lots of people throng the area all summer long for the local sights and the country music festivals that are hosted there. Second, we found out that most people had the same idea that I did... storms are better rode out in hotel rooms.

By the time we started trying to book a room they were mostly all taken. We ended up at a motel instead.

I'm not saying this was the Bates Motel; however, it might very well have been the model that the Bates was fashioned from. The proprietor was overly friendly and very hairy for a human. My companion chose to stay in the car while I settled the room, and she missed out on the show. I mean this guy had hair fluffing out from everywhere, it was crazy.

He did offer us two free bottles of water, which I declined, (I've seen enough horror movies to know that you should never take any consumables they provide), and I smiled to myself as my wife wailed about the fact that the former tenants of the room must have had a dog because of all the hair that was in the sheets.

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