Survival Caching: 3 Must Know Ideas to Keep You Alive in a Disaster

September 8, 2019

If you have been following the news on Hurricane Dorian then you know that many people in the country have found themselves to be in Dire Straits because of the devastation. What's unfortunate about industrial and technological advancement is the fact that so many of the survival skills of the founding fathers have been lost in recent generations. Americans as a whole have become soft and out of touch with basic survival skills.

This doesn't change the fact that disaster still strikes whenever and wherever it sees fit; therefore, if you plan on surviving these hardships, you must learn a modernized way of providing for yourself and family.

Here are three things you must consider when setting up your caching system.

1. Cache items must be well preserved and dependable. Since your cache provisions might have to last for weeks, months, or years before they are needed, you will have to do better than cardboard boxes of macaroni and cheese to be well prepared. Cans of foods such as sardines, or plastic wrapped and preserved MREs are a great choice for cached provisions. Consider the durability of your items. Freeze dried and foil sealed foods are great too.

2. Your cache must be clandestine. This goes without saying, though it's not always obvious to everyone. Think of your cache as your buried treasure. It is your lifeline. Therefore you must put it somewhere that is not obvious to others, and where others are not likely to go looking for provisions. Think about graveyards, sewer pipes, and the like. Though it might not seem very appetizing to keep your food where horrendous things are located, it is necessary to have it in a place that is either well protected, or unappealing.

3. Location is essential.The mountain men that we referenced earlier were notorious for caching in and around their trapper cabins and campsites... places where they were likely to be needed. This is something you must bear in mind when establishing your own caches. They must be placed where you can get to them and they will be accessible.

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