Survival rifles: 3 reasons to have a folding AR for your military surplus tent adventure

November 14, 2018

Much has been written, in the past, concerning the need for survival rifles when on a basic survival or emergency situation; however, that Henry rifle or CVA .22 that will be so perfect for making meat in a survival situation isn't really going to cut it in a time of war. And though we aren't at war right now, at least not here in the United States, I hope none of you reading this are naive enough to think that this is going to be the case forever. Especially as you see this political climate evolving, (or devolving as the case might be).
Those who have gone before us have left us good advice, advice that we really must adhere to in the present times. Winston Churchill, for instance, has admonished that in times of peace we must prepare for war. Fortunately, the arms manufacturers have been working nonstop lately to create superior weapons of warfare and the newest craze is the folding AR. There are many reasons to have on in your kit bag... here are three:

1. No one needs to know what you've got. This is the most notable reason to have a collapsable AR that I can think of. I used to work around some shifty characters, and I have heard one in particular make the statement that he didn't need to buy a whole lot of survival gear, all he needed was a cheap .22 pistol. That way, if TSHTF, he could just shoot you in the head and take yours.

2. The extra rounds are plentiful.In the spirit of the miscreant I mentioned above, if you do find it necessary to scavenge, the 5.56mm, the .223, and the 7.62x39 rounds are going to be the most prominent rounds available after the .22s.

3. It will still make meat.Even though these collapsable ARs are perfect for warfare, they are still accurate enough to use to hunt game with. And the .223 or 5.56mm is still basically just a souped up .22, so the meat won't be shredded as in some cases with heavier rounds.

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