Using your military surplus tent as a blind for birdwatching.

May 8, 2019

One of the things to consider when you are pursuing wildlife photography is the fact that you can utilize military surplus equipment in pursuit of your agenda. There are two certain ways that I use military surplus tents to pursue photography one use as a blind hide myself in the other is as a method to create a feeling of safety for the animals that I am trying to photograph. And this installment I’m going to go in depth on how to utilize your military surplus tent to help you with your Byrd photography value by using the tent as a blind for yourself. And the next installment will discuss using your tent as a blind for the birds. Here we go:

1. The most important aspect of photography is having something available that the birds will be drawn to. In this instance I’m going to show you how to either set up bird houses, or birdfeeders out in the field or, even in your own backyard, and then utilize your tent to hide yourself in. I’ve known many people that have hidden themselves on the back porch or a back patio however I’m talking now about using a military surplus tent out in a wilderness environment more so than I am in your backyard. The good Thing about this practice is the fact that you can utilize a cheaper camera with a focal length of the shorter to achieve your goal, whereas out in the field you really do need a little bit better camera and a longer lens. So what do you want to do is either set up an array of feeders or seniors or houses that will attract and draw birds and another good measure is to set up dead lambs or other porches where they can land to survey the Before they actually go in and try to get some of your feed or seed out of your feeder. It is on these perch is that you will get your best photographs, not on the feeders or Cedars them selves.

2. Make sure that you set your tent up where you’re going to be hiding a good distance away and leave it there for a few days prior to occupying it and actually shooting your photographs. Birds are skittish by nature and it will take a wild for them to become a custom to the bulk of the tent your best bet even though you’re in your tent is to assume a very low profile and hardly move at all. If you have a camera that has a touch LCD all the better that way you don’t have to reach over it to activate it or to change settings

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