Using your military surplus tent as a cover for birdwatching

May 10, 2019

In the last installment we discussed hiding yourself in your tent, but have you ever considered the fact that you can just as easily set up a feeder or seeder inside your tent and let that tent be cover for the birds that you want to photograph? This works effectively, and the best part about it or the most prolific reason for doing it is that you can control the lighting so much better and offer some pretty dramatic effects. As stated before you’re going to have to set this up and allow the birds to get used to it before you’re going to actually be able to use it. However here are two points that you have to keep in mind before you’ll be able to use your military surplus tent effectively as cover for photographing birds.

1. Make sure the bait you use for inside your tent is something that’s going to be highly desirable by birds and wildlife. It can’t be something that is found naturally otherwise you’re not going to have a draw for the birds to come into your tent. Most of them won’t want to come in there anyway so you’ll need to get something sweet and appealing that they will be specifically drawn to another good plan of action is to start your Seiter outside the tent, leaving the tent up for a few days and slowly and gradually moving it further and further in so that the birds in the area get used to going to it.

2. When you set up your blind for shooting into the tent make sure that you are completely covered and follow the same steps listed in the last install the last installment so that the birds will get used to that blind being there again remember to keep a low profile, not much movement, and if you have a touchscreen LCD utilize that as opposed to reaching over your camera for setting adjustment.

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