Velvet Antlers: 2 reasons you must be getting your deer camp ready now


July 16, 2018

If you are a deer hunter then I need to let you in on something. That is the fact that this year's crop of young bucks is getting ready for an upcoming rut and is, to all appearances, going to be a record breaking one. This is because of two things, (at least in my area).

First, it's been a year of abundance so far. A veritable feast for the local wildlife. There has been no drought, nor has there been too much rain. The corn is high and tasseled already, the beans rich and full. Second, around here at least, there hasn't been much pressure on the local wildlife. Game laws are in place that offer sanctuary and protection for the deer community, and the world is seemingly at peace. As a matter of fact this shot, (of the two velvet bucks), was taken a few days ago at about 10:20 am.

They were actually part of a trio; however, the third member of this troupe was considerably smaller than the other two even though he had the bigger rack. They were milling around in a slapstick manner reminiscent of the Three Stooges of yesteryear. They seemingly had not a care in the world.

This is important, because in just a few short months, the world is going to change for them in a dramatic way. That comedic camaraderie will be a distant memory. So here then are two reasons to get your military surplus tent out right now, and get it ready for upcoming deer camp:

1. These bucks are going to be record breaking. As I stated earlier, being well fed and well protected is making an impact on this year's buck crop. Make sure that you are ready to partake in the adventure of this year's hunt.

2. You need to get your tent "weather ready".This hot dry summer - while wonderful for military surplus tent camping adventures with the family - aren't good for preparing your tent for sleet, snow, and freezing rain. This is because - as we've discussed before - the fabric of your tent needs to be swelled with moisture in order to become weather sealed.

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