Wild Guides: This Christmas' Best Gift

October 20, 2021

If you are looking for the ultimate, affordable gift idea for your camping adventurer this year, then look no further than this all inclusive guide.

This publication is well established and is used worldwide by adventurers and travelers to find those hidden treasures about the planet.

The purveyors of the Wild Guides claim that you will: "Discover lost ruins overgrown by ancient forests; clamber down to a secret cove and explore sea caves; picnic in a meadow of orchids and rare butterflies; watch the sun set from an Iron Age hill fort; search for glow worms in the dusk then wait for the sky to turn deep indigo and fill with stars."

The basic premise of this guide is the exploration of the locality on a micro level. The authors have travelled to sparse environs and endeavored to discover the hidden treasures located there.

Their formula for getting away from the crowds is based around key locations:

1. Wild coasts They find beaches and coastline that are fraught with pirate coves, romantic jaunts, and magical creatures.

2. Rivers and lakes: They seek out the ribbons of water that have carved out the pathways throughout the planet along with the views and valleys they have created.

3. Ancient Forts:"To watch the sun set is to squeeze the very last juice from the day. It’s a unique opportunity to feel the subtle changes around you as birds roost, dusk settles, and nocturnal creatures begin to stir. Hill tops provide an ideal vantage point and many are also rich in Iron Age history."

4. Ancient woods:" These rich fragments of what were once great forests are not only places to wander in peace, but also allow admittance into a stimulating world of den building, camping out, tree climbing and foraging for wild food."

And much, much more. This publication can be found online by searching for "Wild Guide", or it can be purchased on Amazon, eBay, or nearly any other online shopping network. This guide will accommodate your camper whether he is a military surplus tent camper or a more traditional camping enthusiast.

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