TEMPER TENT (20′ X 24′) Reconditioned Green


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NSN: 8340-01-185-6272 (Green)

NSN: 88340-01-185-2628 (Tan)

The Temper tent (Tent Extendable Modular Personnel) is a modular, soft-walled, aluminum framed supported tent; it is designed to expand exponentially and set up in multiple configurations. The most common Temper tent configuration is the Temper Tent (20’ x 24’), billeting version.The Temper tent can be extended to a length of eight-foot increments and can be erected in 40 minutes; minimal manpower required- five personnel max.

The Temper (20’ x 24’) has a floor area of  640 sq. ft. The temper tent has an aluminum frame and is primarily covered with a vinyl-coated polyester duck cloth that is fire, mildew, and water resistant. The covering also has particular coatings which reduce its visual and electronic characteristics to support concealment from surveillance.This Temper tent is fitted with features that allows both heating and air conditioning.

The Temper tents main material components include of a window section, an entrance and exit door section as well as a wind resistant fly. The fly protects the roof of the shelter and provides supporting insulation. Utility support for these tents includes electrical service for lighting, convenience outlets, and provisions for heating and cooling.

The military shelter is equipped with a brand-new, leak-free, heat sealed outer shell system. This shelter design is made to withstand various weather conditions, including desert, tropical and temperate climates. The Temper tent comes in two outer cloth colors: camo green and desert tan; these colors are designed to provide camouflage against the intended terrain and are visual and electronic suppressive with a blackout coating for protection from night optic vision gear.

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